Heuristic Teaching, Anyone?

September 29, 2009



     Years ago I came across the term, “heuristic teaching”, which supposedly was a means of lighting the spark of self discovery in people so that they would become interested enough in a matter to pursue it on their own. Now along comes the article linked below which proposes that it’s that very quality which predisposes people toward success in college. I’ll leave you to pursue the article itself here:






2 Responses to “Heuristic Teaching, Anyone?”

  1. Kat said

    I’m guessing there is a lot of truth in this article. I’m not sure how definitive it is. I’d like to know WHY, after twelve years of education, high school graduates often aren’t interested in pursuing knowledge. Has that percentage changed? If so, then something has happened to make it so. If not, then we need to rethink how people are shaped.

  2. Adria said

    Great picture!

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